A Sociolinguistic study of code mixing between an employer and her employees at Morodadi Minimarket, Mojokerto


In this research, the writer wants to find out the codes that are used by the employer and the employees in the Morodadi minimarket, Mojokerto. The sellers are the employer and four employees. In any conversation, the people who want to talk to other people sometimes mix their language with other languages; was it Javanese, Bahasa Indonesia or Chinese, because a conversation happens between two or more persons. Each employee always has different codes from the other employees and also the employer. The writer applies the definition of code taken from Longman Dictionary of Applied Linguistics (1985), the theory of code by Wardhaugh (1986) and the theory of code mixing written by Nababan (1978). The writer only observed the conversation among the sellers (the employer and the employees) of Morodadi minimarket, Mojokerto, which the utterances contain the mixing codes. The result shows that the sellers tend to use Javanese code and there is a relation from the codes that Javanese code is used in informal situation, Indonesian code is used in the conversation about regulation, and Chinese code is used in the terms of money and trade.

Keyword : code, code-mixing, conversation, employer-employee talk

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/798/

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