A Study of the main character’s cultural displacement as seen in Mulk Raj Anand’s Collie

Author : , CHRISTINA;

This thesis is a study of the main character?s cultural displacement as seen in Coolie. I choose this topic because in India, Traditional Hindustani has big influence in Indian people?s way of life, but in Coolie, money is more powerful than Traditional Hindustani culture. Here there is cultural displacement in the main character?s life. The analysis is about the cultural displacement especially on how the cultural displacement happens in Munoo?s life and furthermore I?m also curious to know how Munoo deals with the cultural displacement. The scope of this thesis is cultural displacement and the analysis is limited on the main character, Munoo, because he is the central figure who experience cultural displacement. In order to find out the answer post- colonial theory is used especially Frantz Fanon?s theories on Cultural Displacement. From the analysis I find out that in the cultural displacement in Munoo?s life, there is a change in traditional Hindustani British influenced during British colonialism. I also find out that Munoo deals with the cultural displacement in his life by his endeavor to survive, reclaim his dignity as an Indian and try to erode the colonialist ideology.

Keyword : cultural displacement

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/778/

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