A Study of theme through character as seen in Salinger’s Franny and Zooey


This thesis is an analysis of the theme through character in Salinger’s novel Franny and Zooey. This analysis is limited to the theme of alienation through the main character Franny. The theme of alienation is revealed through the important incidents in “Franny” and “Zooey”. The alienation of Franny shows the specific cases of the sensitive human being toward the real world. This case gives a picture of an alienated young person caught in the different principles of the real world and the ideal world; the reality and the ideal. This alienation shows the process of maturity in human’s life especially in the life of modern youth. To achieve maturity, one needs to seek, to find and to come to an understanding of what he is and of his function in the society where he belongs. This self-realization will lead him to adulthood and to maturity.

Keyword : novel of salinger, franny and zooney

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/1053/

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