A study of young Martin Chuzzlewit’s realization of his character flaws that leads him to happiness in Charles Dickens’ Martin Chuzzlewit

Author : , NOVITASARI;

Martin Chuzzlewit is a novel by Charles Dickens, which claims selfishness as the theme Martin Chuzzlewit is not only Dickens? best comic novel but also the greatest work of comic genius in the whole of English Literature. The main character is young Martin Chuzzlewit, a grandson of the very wealthy old Martin Chuzzlewit. The thesis writer wants to find out whether selfishness, obstinacy, and arrogance are his flaws that later on lead to his failure, and also what influences young Martin to realize his flaws. ln analyzing this novel, the thesis writer wants to prove that selfishness, obsinacy, and arrogance are his flaws that later on lead to his failure. And also the thesis writer finds out that the influences that make young Martin realize his flaws are Mark Tapley?s selflessness and faithfulness and also his experiences in America. In analyzing these problems, the writer will use library research and literary approach with characterization and conflict as the devices. Based on the result of the analysis, it is concluded that the things that make young Martin realize his selfishness, obstinacy. and arrogance are the selflessness and faithfulness of Mark Tapley and their experiences in America; and the reasons that cause the failure of young Martin?s hopes are his selfishness and materialism which then lead him to the failure in understanding other people.

Keyword : english, fiction, martin chuzzlewit, study

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