An Analysis of speech acts found in the conflicts that occur in the Gilmore Girls


In this research, the writer wants to find out the Locutions, Illocutions and Perlocutions that cause conflict which occurred in the conversation between Lorelai and Rory Gilmore in the Gilmore Girls film. In any conversation, there must be a conflict; no matter it is small or big, because a conversation happens between two or more persons. Each person must have different opinion, this triggers dispute or conflict. The writer applies the theory of Pragmatic written by George Yule (1996) and Stephen Levinson (1983). This theory is supported by theory of Discourse written by Guy Cook (1994); Speech Acts theory written by Brown and Yule (1984); the theory of Locution, Illocution and Perlocution written by Austin (1970); and the last is the theory of conflict written by Peg Pickering (2001). The writer used descriptive approach in doing this research. The writer only observed the scenes which contain the conflict between Lorelai and Rory; the writer ignored other characters? conflict. The result shows that the verbs that cause conflict are contained in Directives and Representatives. The verbs like asking and complaining might trigger a conflict in the conversation.

Keyword : speech acts, conflicts

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