An Analysis on Pecola’s experiences of bad treatments and the effects in Toni Morrison’s The Bluest Eye


The thesis writer chooses bad treatments that is related to racism and physical appearances because she finds this topic is commonly found in the society and she feels that it is interesting to discuss the unfair treatments from a group of people to others that are caused by bad appearances or race. Accidentally, she finds that Toni Morrison often reveals that problem in her novels. As a result, she chooses Tony Morrison?s The Bluest Eye to discuss. After that, the thesis writer tries to analyze the problem of her thesis into a statement of a problem: ?how the black main character, Pecola, experiences bad treatments because of racism and her ugly appearances and what effects are found on herself?. The thesis writer wants to know the ways Pecola experiences bad treatments and the effects on her life. She also tries to discuss the causes of the bad treatments. To analyze the problem of her thesis, the writer uses some literary approach namely characterization, conflict, and concepts of racism. The thesis writer sees that the main character, Pecola, is treated badly both by the whites and the blacks who consider themselves as the whites because they have some whites? qualities namely light skin, better condition of life, and the whites? education, and good dresses or clothes where Pecola does not have all of those qualities. The thesis writer concludes that bad treatments that is experienced by Pecola has influenced her mentally. She is humiliated, rejected, ridiculed, and isolated by her environment. Her only friends, Claudia and Frieda, can not help her from the worst effect of bad treatments namely insanity.

Keyword : bad treatments, racism, ugly appearance

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