Analisa Pengaruh Kecepatan User Terhadap Kualitas Layanan Suara Pada Sistem CDMA2000-1x

Author : Roza, Widya; Kurniawan, Uke; Ahmadi, Hazim;

Received voice quality of mobile station is influenced by FER (Frame Error Rate) in the network. The quality of the voice will decrease if FER is increase. The increase of FER value, one of them is caused by the mobility between mobile station with base station that produce random frequency modulation that have connection with the friction of doppler frequency that is different for each of received multipath trajectory. This multipath will cause multipath fading that will produce amplitude fluctuation, phase, and time delay that is different from the information signal. This will influence the receiver in detecting information signal, it will cause signal distortion that will decreasing the performace of the transmission system. Based on that background, this research have some perform concerning the effect of mobile station mobility to the voice service performance of CDMA 2000-1x system. The research is conducted through the simulation of the CDMA 2000-1x tranmission system that overcome a canal having the character of multipath fading with Rayleigh distribution and Additive White Gaussian Noise (AWGN). The CDMA2000-1x transmission system model is only applied on physical layer between mobile station with Base Transceiver Station (BTS) in the perform of channel coding, interleaving, walsh code, and QPSK modulation. The analysis result shows that as the mobile station speed increasing, the voice performance will decreasing. The voice information starts to be distorted when the mobile station speed is about 22 km/hours where the received FER of the mobile station is above 1 %.

Keyword : BER, FER, Doppler, AWGN, CDMA2000-1x Channnel

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