Applying CSE HMI Developer Toolkit for Human Machine Interface Applications

Author : Andalaluna, Lebong; Puncuna, Isa; Suwarjono, Aris; Sainjati, Agus;

Using Human Machine Interface Application (HMI) in industry and laboratory, supervising, monitoring, and controlling the machine or device become easier task. Numerous tools for creating HMI Applications exist in industry, however with high price tag, over-featured, and lack-of-local support. Therefore, the development of such an affordable tool is important, especially in the context of the competitiveness of the national industry. The CSE HMI Developer Toolkit has been developed to assist the developer, integrators, and users in creating industrial HMI applications in modular way and reducing the cost by shortening the development cycle. It provides the extensible framework for building HMI application, so that it can easily expand to meet the future needs. At the first development stage, there are four main modules available which are Screen Builder, Alarm Management, Data Point Management, and Data Communication Module. This paper will explore the technical issues relating to the development of HMI application using this tool which has been running satisfactorily in the laboratory.

Keyword : Human Machine Interface (HMI), Toolkit, Supervisory, Monitoring, Connectivity

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