Development of Construction Service Performance Evaluation Model

Author : SOEMARDI, Biemo W. ; WIRAHADIKUSUMAH, Reini B.; ABDUH, Muhamad;

Construction industry plays a significant role in the economic development of a country, particularly a developing country such as Indonesia. A portrait describing the performance of the construction sector is required in developing a framework to improve national competitiveness. The mechanism to formally assess the Indonesian construction industry performance has not been available, thus the first step is to develop an assessment model. This paper discusses the development of the assessment model, which involves three levels of assessment: national/industry level, company level, and project level. The development process was conducted in several stages, started with a review on the underlying considerations, the legal aspect, and theoretical/definition/objective formulation for each assessment level. The major aspects that should be included in the model were then identified, and the final stage was determining the performance indicators for national/industry level, company level, and project level. The assessment model was tested in a pilot survey to know the availability of data. The survey showed that most of the types of data were available and could be collected in the existing project management pratices. The data required for several indicators were not readily available, including the performance indicators for environment and customer satisfaction.

Keyword : assessment model, performance indicators, construction industry, national level,company level, project level

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