Implementation of Genetic Algorithm to Improve Convergence of Newton’s Method in Predicting Pressure Distribution in a Complex Gas Pipeline Network System Case Study: Off-take Station, ST-WLHR Indonesia

Author : Sidarto, K. A.; Mucharam, L.; Mubassiran, ; Riza, L. S.; Rohani, N.; Nainggolan, N.;

Natural gas pipeline network was made up of several points of supply and several delivery points connected by pipeline, allowing steady-state flow of natural gas in the complex pipeline network system. The system model consists of a set of nonlinear simultaneous equations obtained by writing the continuity equation at each node in the system. Therefore an iterative technique, for example Newton’s method, can be applied to obtain a solution of these systems of equations. The method requires that a good initial guess be given for all unknowns for convergence of the method. Usually this is not an easy task. In this paper we propose a technique that uses a Genetic Algorithm to overcome the problem. This method is basically used to generate initial pressure and rate data of the model, which will be executed by Newton’s method. The model has been validated with data from ST-WLHR station which is an off-take station that distributes gas to several industrial consumers in Jakarta-Indonesia. This distribution system consists of a complex pipeline network.

Keyword : complex pipeline network, genetic algorithm, steady-state gas pressure distribution

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