Korelasi Edge Dynamic Abis Pool (EDAP) dengan Kecepatan Data pada BSS Nokia PT. Telkomsel Jakarta

Author : Sulistiyani, Indah; Usman, Uke Kurniawan ; Iswandi, Iswandi;

The demand of high-speed data service, the variation of service and it’s low cost, makes GPRS felt no longer adequate in accommodating these demands . EDGE gives new solution of high-speed data transfer since EDGE have data rate 3 times higher than GPRS. EDGE, newly implements by PT. Telkomsel Jakarta in few part of their regional operates, is being prepared to support high-speed data service which become the main part of wideband services for the next third generation. EDGE implementation at PT Telkomsel needs some upgrading proses in base station. EDGE introduces 8-PSK technique of modulation and EDGE dynamic Abis pool (EDAP) in order to achieve high-speed data rate (throughput). EDAP is a shared extra Abis resources for EDGE channels which reserved only for packet data transfer. The dynamic Abis pool functionality allocates Abis transmission capacity to cells when needed extra transmission link per TRX for EDGE, and it’s allocation changes dynamically depend on the link quality and MCS request. The throughput measurement results of site ITC Chempaka Indoor and ITC Chempaka Macro, show the average throughput for these sites are 88.8 Kbps and 84.45 Kbps. With the average throughput per timeslot of each site is 44.4 Kbps and 42.23 Kbps. On the whole EDAP performances of both sites show good performance. With the allocation of 4 dedicated timeslots (including 2 dedicated timeslots) and 8 EDAP channels, can achieve the average MCS level of MCS 7 and EDAP slave group consist of three sub timeslots per each group.

Keyword : EDGE,EDAP,Throughput,GPRS,GSM

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/146/

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