Penyelesaian Masalah Penugasan dengan Algoritma Genetika Teknik Cycle Crossover

Author : Lukas, Samuel; Yugopuspito, Pujianto; Asali, Hadiyanto ;

Assignment problem is one of the fundamental combinatorial optimization problems. Many algorithms can solve the assignment problem, however it is not easy to solve the problem that has many agents or tasks. Genetic algorithm is applied to find approximate solutions of such problems. Genetic alagorithm uses the basic principles of evolutionary biology to computer science. Many applications of the Genetic algorithms are implemented as a computer simulation. This paper discuses how to solve assignment problem by applying the technique of cycle crossover in crossover section and random mutation in mutation section. Various percentages of crossover and mutation operators are experimented to find out the best result.

Keyword : Assignment Problem, Genetic Algotithm, Computer Simulation, Cycle Crossover

Sumber :

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