Spam-Mail Detection Using Bayesian Filtering

Author : Karmila, Karmila; Soplanit, Susany ; Naga, Dali Santun ;

Bayesian spam filter is a kind of content based scoring spam filters. This kind of filters look for words and other characteristics typical of spam. Every characteristic element is assigned a score, and a spam score for the whole message is computed from individual scores. Now interpretation of this score to classify the mail as SPAM or HAM will vary from one approach to the other. The scores given to the words are their probabilities calculated using their frequency of appearance in the spam and ham corpora. Bayesian spam filters automatically build the list words and characteristic elements. We start with a (big) bunch of emails that have been classified as spam, and another bunch of good mail. The filters look at both, and analyze the legitimate mail as well as the spam to calculate the probability of various characteristics appearing in spam, and in good mail. This paper will explain how to training e-mail with Bayesian Spam Filtering.

Keyword : e-mail, spam, spam filtering, bayes rule, bayesian filtering

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