The Factors that cause the four chosen characters in Thackeray’s Vanity Fair to commit the seven deadly sins


During the Victorian Age, William Makepeace Thackeray describes bluntly the social problems happening at his time in his novel Vanity Fair. He clearly describes the people?s condition at that time, especially about how they regard each other. From all of the relationships among the characters, one issue that interests me most is the characters? connection to the Seven Deadly Sins according to the Christian doctrine. Reading the novel, I am interested in finding out the factors that make the major characters in the novel commit the Seven Deadly Sins. Out of the many characters in the novel I only take four, Rebecca Sharp, Amelia Sedley, George Osborne, and Rawdon Crawley. To analyze the novel, I use literary approach. To help me find out the factors that make them commit the sins, I apply the literary tool of characterization. Moreover, to understand the sins each character commits, I consult the concept of Seven Deadly Sins. In addition to that, I also include the historical background of the society at that time in order to understand why the characters commit the sins. With these aids, I am able to do the analysis and find out that the factors, which make them commit the Seven Deadly Sins are the environment, family and education.

Keyword : characterization, seven deadly sins, historical background

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