The Theme of loneliness as seen through the characters: Oliver Twist, Fagin and Nancy in dickens’ Oliver Twist

Author : , CAROLINE;

Considering one?s nature as social being, a person needs others to socialize. Finding oneself among the other fellow beings is the most scaring thing in life. However, one should be careful since the problem of loneliness arises in the world. Loneliness becomes a serious problem since some people do not know how to handle it and they take the negative ways to overcome it. This study attempts to analyze the problem of loneliness, which is presented in Charles Dickens? Oliver Twist. In this novel, loneliness is an important subject to discuss. Three characters: Oliver, Fagin and Nancy are chosen to represent the lonely figures in their loneliness is the purpose of this study. The thesis writer uses library research to concept of characterization as the literary device to find how the characters become lonely. To analyze how they deal with their loneliness, the thesis writer will use the psychological theory on loneliness, and finally the thesis writer will find out the outcome of their efforts in conquering their loneliness. Finally she finds out that only Oliver Twist could deal with his loneliness so that in the end he lives happily.

Keyword : english, fiction, study, teaching, oliver twist

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