Ursula Brangwen’s struggles for independence in D. H. Lawrence’s The Rainbow

Author : , ERLIN;

D.H Lawrence is a novelist who is curious with human behavior and relates the social situation into the background of his novels. The Rainbow is Lawrence?s only feminist novel that talks about women?s status changes from a housewife to a career woman. Women demands equal treatment and independence in every aspects of life. In the statement of the problem, I am curious to know why Ursula decides to struggle in achieving her independence and what struggle she is involved in. The purpose of this study is to analyze factors that cause Ursula to fight for her independence. I will also analyze the struggles she is involved in. I use literary approach such as characterization and conflict. Furthermore, I also use Jaggar?s theories of liberal feminism to identify the idea of feminism in the novel. In the analysis, Ursula Brangwen?s independence is caused by her status as the eldest child and her parents? relationship that influences her to be independent. I also analyze Ursula?s struggles to achieve her education, job and living single. Every woman has a dream about her future and sometimes she has to choose which is the first priority. Every decision she makes will make other people happy or not but life is determined not by other people. Therefore, every decision is important and affects the future.

Keyword : struggles of ursula brangwen, independence, the rainbow of of d.h. lawrence

Sumber : http://repository.petra.ac.id/2069/

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